Monday, September 22, 2008

Can Ya' Feel It?

"Feel what?", you may ask. "The change of seasons as summer gives way to autumn?" Nope. "The feeling I get in my pants as I watch some CNN news-hottie forecasting gloom or crowing about where to shelter my dough?" No again. "The satisfaction of knowing that my children's financial future is secure?" Yeah, right. The "it" in the title of this piece is the pounding sensation in and around your anus ('scuse the metaphor) while you, the taxpayer, are once again being reamed by our wonderful leaders to the tune of 700 billion big 'uns (the figure is actually much higher from what I now hear). This will take two to three full generations to pay down. Infrastructure improvements?...forget it. Education and healthcare?...put 'em on the back burner...way back. A stronger military to protect us from extremists?... you're dreamin'. Credibility amongst the international community?...Ha!! Within a period of a few days our country has been reduced to a banana republic and the middle class has been forced to take another huge step toward indentured servitude. Don't feel it yet? Oh, you will. And your kids will. And their kids will. (Note to self: learn how to garden and bone up on them huntin' skills!). Until we start calling for the heads (and I mean that in a very literal sense) of those who have mortgaged our grandchildren's futures, there will be no recompense. Let's take it to the streets!


Anonymous said...

Hey Bret,
You are a true genius in every sense of the word. You hit the nail on the head. Let's kill these fuckers!

CalTex67 said...

Honey you are brilliant and very correct!

WandaL said...

The reason the banking situation is in this trouble is because the government required banks to lend money who shouldn't be allowed to borrow it. The government needs to stop sticking their nose into the commercial market. Everytime the government tries to "fix" things to make it better it gets worse.